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The mortgage market is very competitive and there are new deals available all the time. It is likely that your biggest monthly outgoing is your mortgage and by finding a better deal you could save hundreds and possibly thousands of pounds.

Here at Elm Tree Financial Services we have access to an extensive range of re-mortgage products, many of which are not available on the high street and we will search the mortgage market to find the mortgage deal that suits you. 


We recommend that you review your mortgage every year to see how your current deal compares with what has just come onto the market. If you are currently on a fixed rate mortgage keep in mind what your product end date is. Speak to our mortgage team to find out how we can help you.


Why Remortgage 


There are a number of reasons you may want to remortgage 

Including the following


To reduce your interest rate 


While many lenders offer introductory deals for example a low fixed, tracker or discounted rate for an initial period from anywhere between 2 and 5 years, after the period ends the interest rate charges usually reverting to the standard variable rate (SVR). The SVR is normally higher than rates offered to new customers. 


With interest rates at an all-time low, if you’re coming to the end of an existing deal or your deal has ended and you’re already paying the lender’s SVR then now is a good time to remortgage for a better deal. 


Industry data indicates that 7 out of 10 homeowners could potentially save money by moving off SVR and onto a fixed rate mortgage.


To Raise additional capital


At Elm Tree Financial Services your mortgage adviser can help you raise additional funds to fund new projects. If you are looking to start a home improvement or buy a second or investment property then we can help this happen. Maybe you would like to pay off them debt that have been hanging over you. 


Cutting your mortgage Term 


Our mortgage advisers recommend that you review your mortgage when interest rates or circumstances change. if it is worth making the switch and your monthly payments are going to be lower, Wouldn't it be good if you could pay the same each month but reduce the mortgage term. This means you could say your mortgage off sooner. 

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