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Moving Home

Efficency and expertise are what needed from your mortgage adviser when buying a house and this is where Elm Tree Financal Services can help.

At Elm Tree Financial Services we will advice you on the best and latest mortgages available, Our Team of professional mortgage advisers will help you work out what you can afford to borrow and make sure you are in a position to secure the house of your dreams. 


Mortgage rules introduced in April 2014 are designed to help clients fully understand the level of borrowing and their new mortgage, however this does mean that there is more administration and paperwork required. In a fast moving market you need to be able to move swiftly and with confidence when you find the house you want to buy. 


At Elm Tree Financial Services we work closely with our clients to ensure this process runs as smooth as possible. As Estate agents have a duty to their vendors to ensure that potential buyers are in the best financial position to proceed with their purchase. Your independent mortgage adviser will be there to work with you, and the estate agent, to make sure there are no unnecessary delays. 


Working with a professional adviser at Elm Tree Financial Services will make a difference as we deal with the whole of market we search over 1000 different products to find you the best deal. Banks have tied mortgage advisers working with them which mean that they can only sell their own products and sometimes that means missing out on a better deal. 

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