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Pension Advice

The key to a happy and successful retirement is ensuring that you have secured your financial independence so that you can enjoy a prosperous life after work.

For many, this is often assisted by drawing from pensions that have been accumulated over the years.

The pension landscape is forever changing. Just as there  are many options for people to accumulate a retirement fund, there are perhaps even more ways of taking your benefits from them.

If you are working, and want advice about planning your financial independence, as independent financial advisers, we can help you find the best path.

If you are about to retire and considering taking your benefits, or even if you want to continue working, but on your terms, it is essential to ensure you get proper advice because mistakes made at this stage could prove extremely costly.

How you take your benefits can affect the amount you receive and how much tax you pay.

These days, throughout our careers, we can work for a number of employers and accumulate more than one pension. A lot of people are unsure about what to do with these old schemes, so taking proper advice can help add value to your retirement and leave you to think about other important things.

Speak to us today to see how we may be able to help you.

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